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The CMI wishes to attract young maritime lawyers to the work of the CMI and its affiliated National Maritime Law Associations (NMLA) for the unification of maritime and transport law.

CMI’s Standing Committee for Young Lawyers (Young CMI) ensures that CMI events have items in the programme particularly aimed at young lawyers. We (help) organize sessions in which young lawyers can contribute as speaker or participant to debate on various topics in maritime and transport law. We also (help) organize part of the social programme, with young lawyers in mind.

As CMI is itself an association of associations, you cannot truly become a member of Young CMI. But you may consider yourself part of Young CMI if you are a young member of any NMLA affiliated with the CMI.

The kick-off of Young CMI took place at the 2008 CMI Conference at Athens, where both a breakfast seminar and a ‘night on the town’ were staged. Since then Young CMI sessions have been included in all CMI events: Rotterdam 2009, Buenos Aires 2010, Beijing 2012, Dublin 2013, Hamburg 2014 and Istanbul 2015. The next event will take place in New York in May 2016.

Young CMI also wants to encourage and inspire young maritime lawyers from NMLA’s around the world to organize their own events, e.g. on a regional basis. A good example is the joint initiative of the NMLA’s of Belgium, England, France, Germany and The Netherlands to organize an annual two-day seminar for young maritime lawyers. Each of these MLA’s in turn hosts the event in its country each year. The 10th edition took place in Paris in June 2015.  The United States is known to have a very active young lawyers group. We encourage others to do the same.

Become a member of the CMI LinkedIn group - Comité Maritime International (CMI) - to find out more about CMI activities and developments.


CMI’s Standing Committee currently has the following members: 

Taco VAN DER VALK (Netherlands)
Kerim ATAMER (Turkey)
Javier FRANCO-ZARATE (Colombia)
Tomotaka FUJITA (Japan)
Johanna GAUTHIER (Canada)
Violeta RADOVICH (Argentina)
Frank SMEELE (Netherlands)
Andrew TAYLOR (United Kingdom)
Ioannis TIMAGENIS (Greece)
Yingying ZOU (China)


For further information please contact: Taco van der Valk at tvandervalk@akd.nl.








Chaired by Assoc. Prof. Dr. Kübra Yetis Samli

 A Maritime Miscellany

  • Jaime Soroa, Shipowners P&I, with Edmund Sweetman, barrister, Dublin and Barcelona - Nairobi (Wreck Removal) Convention; practical implications in the near term and the perspective of the P& I Underwriters
  • Z. Bahar Sayhan, LLM, attorney, Istanbul - Ship Arrests and Relevant Recent Developments in Turkish Law


Chaired by Volker Lücker

(Degree of) fault - "Recklessly and with Knowledge that damage would probably result"

To view the video's of the presentations, please see Maritime Miscellany on the  http://comitemaritime.org/videolibrary


Chaired by Yiannis Timagenis

Guest Speakers:

Young Lawyers Speakers:

Young CMI presentations 2012 Beijing Conference

Young CMI presentations 2010 Buenos Aires Colloquium

Young CMI presentation  2008 Athens Conference


  • Limitation of liability clauses in maritime contracts - do they bind the court?
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