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Article 4 - Composition

The Assembly shall consist of all Members of the Comité Maritime International and the members of the Executive Council.
Each Member Association and each Consultative Member may be represented in the Assembly by not more than three delegates.
As approved by the Executive Council, the President may invite Observers to attend all or parts of the meetings of the Assembly.

Article 5 - Meetings and Quorum

The Assembly shall meet annually on a date and at a place decided by the Executive Council. The Assembly shall also meet at any other time, for a specified purpose, if requested by the President, by ten of its Member Associations or by the Vice-Presidents. At least six weeks notice shall be given of such meetings.
At any meeting of the Assembly, the presence of not less than five Member Associations entitled to vote shall constitute a lawful quorum.

Article 6 - Agenda and Voting

Matters to be dealt with by the Assembly, including election to vacant offices, shall be set out in the agenda accompanying the notice of the meeting. Decisions may be taken on matters not set out in the agenda, other than amendments to this Constitution, provided no Member Association represented in the Assembly objects to such procedure.
Members honoris causa and Titulary, Provisional and Consultative Members shall enjoy the rights of presence and voice, but only Member Associations in good standing shall have the right to vote.

Each Member Association present in the Assembly and entitled to vote shall have one vote. The right to vote cannot be delegated or exercised by proxy. The vote of a Member Association shall be cast by its president, or by another of its members duly authorized by that Association.

All decisions of the Assembly shall be taken by a simple majority of Member Associations present, entitled to vote, and voting. However, amendments to this Constitution or to any Rules adopted pursuant to Article 7(h) shall require the affirmative vote of a two-thirds majority of all Member Associations present, entitled to vote, and voting. The Administrator, or another person designated by the President, shall submit to the Belgian Ministry of Justice any amendments of this Constitution and shall secure their publication in the Annexes du Moniteur belge.

Article 7 - Functions

The functions of the Assembly are:

a) To elect the Officers of the Comité Maritime International;

b) To elect Members of and to suspend or expel Members from the Comité Maritime International;

c) To fix the amounts of subscriptions payable by Members to the Comité Maritime International;

d) To elect auditors;

e) To consider and, if thought fit, approve the accounts and the budget;

f) To consider reports of the Executive Council and to take decisions on the future activity of the Comité Maritime International;

g) To approve the convening and decide the agenda of, and ultimately approve resolutions adopted by, International Conferences;

h) To adopt rules governing the expulsion of Members;

i) To adopt rules of procedure not inconsistent with the provisions of this Constitution; and

l) To amend this Constitution.