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Article 20 - Composition and Voting

The Comité Maritime International shall meet in International Conference upon dates and at places approved by the Assembly, for the purpose of discussing and adopting resolutions upon subjects on an agenda likewise approved by the Assembly.

The International Conference shall be composed of all Members of the Comité Maritime International and such Observers as are approved by the Executive Council.

Each Member Association which has the right to vote may be represented by ten delegates and the Titulary Members who are members of that Association. Each Consultative Member may be represented by three delegates. Each Observer may be represented by one delegate only.

Each Member Association present and entitled to vote shall have one vote in the International Conference; no other Member and no Officers of the Comité Maritime International shall have the right to vote in such capacity. The right to vote cannot be delegated or exercised by proxy.

The resolutions of International Conferences shall be adopted by a simple majority of the Member Associations present, entitled to vote, and voting.