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Article 21 - Arrears of Subscriptions

A Member Association remaining in arrears of payment of its subscription for more than one year from the end of the calendar year for which the subscription is due shall be in default and shall not be entitled to vote until such default is cured.
Members liable to pay subscriptions and who remain in arrears of payment for two or more years from the end of the calendar year for which the subscription is due shall, unless the Executive Council decides otherwise, receive no publications or other rights and benefits of membership until such default is cured.

Failure to make full payment of subscriptions owed for three or more calendar years shall be sufficient cause for expulsion of the Member in default. A Member expelled by the Assembly solely for failure to make payment of subscriptions may be reinstated by vote of the Executive Council following payment of arrears, subject to ratification by the Assembly. The Assembly may authorise the President and/or Treasurer to negotiate the amount and payment of arrears with Members in default, subject to approval of any such agreement by the Executive Council.

Subscriptions received from a Member in default shall, unless otherwise provided in a negotiated and approved agreement, be applied to reduce arrears in chronological order, beginning with the earliest calendar year of default.

Article 22 - Financial Matters and Liability

The Administrator and the auditors shall receive compensation as determined by the Executive Council. Members of the Executive Council and Chairmen of Standing Committees, Chairmen and Rapporteurs of International Sub-Committees and Working Groups, when travelling on behalf of the Comité Maritime International, shall be entitled to reimbursement of travelling expenses, as directed by the Executive Council.

The Executive Council may also authorise the reimbursement of other expenses incurred on behalf of the Comité Maritime International.

The Comité Maritime International shall not be liable for the acts or omissions of its Members. The liability of the Comité Maritime International shall be limited to its assets

Article 23 - Financial Matters and Liability

Any issue not resolved by reference to this Constitution shall be resolved by reference to Belgian law, including the Act of 25th October 1919, as subsequently amended, granting juridical personality to international organizations dedicated to philanthropic, religious, scientific, artistic or pedagogic objects, and to other laws of Belgium as necessary.