Documentation Genoa

Seminar organized with the Italian MLA at the Palazzo Ducale

Session 1: The significance of the Torrey Canyon – 50 years on

Session 2: The recent OW Bunker cases dealing with whether or not bunker suppliers are necessaries suppliers in US law giving rise to a maritime lien, and jurisdiction issues arising from those decisions

Session 3: Ship financing and Security practices: with report-back on responses to the CMI Questionnaire

Session 4: Offshore Activities: Mind the Gap between Prevention and Liability!

Session 5: The Hanjin Bankruptcy: Cross-border insolvency issues

Session 6: An update and Italian perspective on legal issues arising from refugee migration, rescue and loss at sea – Dr Valeria Eboli , formerly EUNAVFOR Med Operation SOPHIA Panelist: Adm Fred Kenney, Director of Legal & External Affairs, IMO

Session 7: Argentina’s Claim to an Outer Continental Shelf

Session 8: The Ballast Water Management Convention – its implications for the shipping industry

Session 9: Recognition and enforcement of foreign judgements and arbitration awards